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Accessing Files... Dark Gaia selected

I figured we need a few more villain files, so I'll introduce the one ancient evil that briefly showed itself in the story: Dark Gaia. In Fighters of Freedom, Dark Gaia is the main antagonist due to being the main evil that was released and his minions being one of the most common around the planet. Unlike his main series version, his minions don't only appear at night and are simply more dangerous when the night falls and he can't influence people. Dark Gaia appears briefly in his energy form when the inhabitants of Christmas Island all escape, only to see the smash the island out of existence with a single swipe of of its arm.

Something created Dark Gaia as a force to keep balance, making sure that there's occasional destruction for life to grow and adapt from along with his brother Light Gaia who helped more life form as time passes. However... Dark Gaia went rogue and decided to only destroy, causing all Mass Extinctions that history has recorded. Light Gaia was forced to battle his brother each time he tried to do this, and every time he failed to hold him back long enough this happened again. However when their most recent fight started the incident between the humans and anthros began, causing Dark Gaia's power to go rampant and begin spawning new unnatural forces.

Light Gaia was forced to seal the two of them and the rest of his brother's evil forces into a temple where he hoped none would ever find it allowing them to stayed sealed forever. Unfortunately, fate ends up having Dr. Kintorbor find the temple and freeing all the evil inside of it. The feelings that Dark Gaia had obtained slowly evolved him into a new form, transforming him into Perfect Dark Gaia and slowly beginning to destroy the world, making it slowly break apart. Eventually the Freedom Fighters and their allies gain the strength to defeat him and his threat ends... unfortunately, Dark Gaia's defeat isn't the end of the war against evil.
Hope you all have a good time and enjoy your Thanksgiving Feasts ^^
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Accessing Files... Nack selected

Nack the Weasel, AKA Fang the Sniper, is one of the forgotten Sonic Characters game wise. He exists and people know it but he's not in them anymore. Anyways, Nack is known for being an expert marksman, in Fighters of Freedom I ended up thinking of a unique way to depict him by accident when I made the first chapter. In the fanfic his real name is Harvy, and he and Sonic knew each other too due to working the same job before Christmas Island's destruction. While not a Freedom Fighter, he's an ally to them who runs a group called "Heroes for Hire", a group of heroes who do jobs for pay.

While it seems like he's just greedy and selfish due to this, he's actually quite the opposite as his group charges money because they're trying to gather as much as they can to support most of the refugees who've suffered from the many attacks. As Sonic describes him, he's "a hero who's just more willing to get his hands dirty". Nack also admits he's probably not made for what the Freedom Fighters do, and since they have a reputation he's more willing to give himself a less pleasant one just to help the civilians who can't protect themselves the same way.

The Freedom Fighters do aid him be sending him others who wanna help, but not in the same was as the Freedom Fighters. I basically wanted to give a heroic spin onto Nack, but I also wanted to keep him close to his roots of his usual depiction and fit his skills as a marksman, so I made him something similar to an anti-hero without really being one, I guess he's sorta a "dark hero" in the sense he's heroic in a dirtier sense with how he pays to do heroics to get money to the people who really need it.


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This may seem like a really random question. But have you ever heard/know a series of twelve monsters/terrors in a story or a theme.
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The closest was Power Rangers Mystic Force's 10 Terrors
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I need your opinion on something. Would you like to see a Synchro counterpart to the Elemental Heroes?

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Sure, and since Element works with fusion through the period table...

...and since Synchros are more related to space, so how about you call them Astral Heroes?
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